Clear Braces

As effective as  Clear Braces without the wires or pain!

mini Who doesn’t want straight teeth and an attractive smile? Until now the alternatives were crowns, conventional veneers (where the natural tooth is still ground on and prepared), or metallic braces with wires.

Clear braces are a series of clear trays designed to sequentially move teeth into the correct and straightened position. Each tray is capable of pushing the teeth a little and therefore over a few months, total correction can take place.

Straighter teeth can lead to:

Healthier Gums 

Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth that are crowded, crooked or spaced too far apart.

Easier Cleanings

With maintenance of good oral hygiene, the chances of having plaque retention, tooth decay, and periodontal (gum) disease can be reduced.

Improved Chewing and Speech

In some instances, speech problems may result from poorly positioned teeth and jaws.

Correction of the bite 

Can help improve chewing and speech.

Decreased Risk of Dental Trauma and Abnormal Wear

Properly aligned teeth are less stressful on the supporting bone and jaw joints.

More Beautiful Smiles

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will allow you to enjoy the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Invisalign is Invisible, Comfortable, and Removable!

Some additional benefits of using Invisalign are;

Undetectable – The clear aligners are virtually invisible to others.

Removable – The aligners are removable for eating, brushing and flossing.

Comfortable – The aligners are comfortable to wear, since there are no brackets, wires or permanent fixtures.

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