A beautiful smile without pain and shots! veneers We started doing porcelain cosmetic veneers in 1989. At first we thought that these may not last too many years, but the results and durability surprised us, Today we do E max cad veneers made out of porcelain, Edelweiss veneers made out of hardened composite and U-Veneers made out of a preshaped mould made right there, chairside! Veneers, I believe, are the most significant advancement in cosmetic dentistry I have seen in the last thirty years. They provide an instantly, straight, permanently white smile in just two office visits. This amazing contact-lens-thin porcelain technology provides beauty and strength, while preserving your natural tooth structure. Crowns and Veneers We have all seen people smile that have had dental work done that is less than aesthetically pleasing. Who wants to show chalky white teeth, or grayish gums caused by metal edges around crowns when they smile? We will make sure this never happens to you. After all, you’re a walking, talking testament to the quality of our practice.

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