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denture Artificial teeth which are removable are called dentures. Very often the chewing capacity of these teeth are much less than normal teeth. Often they are ill fitting, loose and can get lost.

There are an estimated 28 million edentulous (without teeth) Americans and that number is growing every day. Most of you suffer, at least periodically, from a whole range of maladies related to poor or ill-fitting dentures. These include sore spots, loss of confidence to smile the way you’d like, loss of self esteem, lack of ability to taste, chew, and eat the foods you love. We all learned this in grade school, but the first step in the proper digestion of food starts with being able to properly chew our food. Poor ability to chew food leads to inadequate digestion, which results in poor nutrition and an inferior state of general health. To be sure, Mini Dental Implants (MDI’s) are the superior solution to loose dentures. Even MDI’s however, if used in conjunction with a poorly fitting or poorly designed denture can lose much of their effectiveness. Therefore, the starting point for changing the lives of our toothless patrons should be with the fabrication of properly engineered, properly designed, and properly fitting dentures.

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